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The city sprawls across the Sabarmati river, was founded in the early years of the fifteenth century by Sultan Ahmed Shah. In the 17th century, it is one of India ís most important cities, often described as  Manchester Of The East. 

It is one of the major major textile and commercial centre of India . Many textile industries are located here. 

Ahmedabad has a fine architectural heritage offering everything for a tourist with wanderlust. The Sabarmati Ashram, the Sidi Sayyed Mosque, Jamma Masjid, Kankaira Lake, the shaking minarets, the Calico Museum of Textiles, the Shreyas Flok Museum and the Vechaar Utensils Museum are some places of interest.  

Kankaria Lake, 

A popular picnic spot constructed by Sultan Qutub-ud-Din.It is a scenic artificial lake surrounded by a park and has a zoo, a library, mirror house and a childrenís park.

Hathi singh temple

A Jain temple located north of Delhi Gate constructed of white marble in 1848 , by Kesarisin and Hatheesing, the  shrine is dedicated to Dharamnath, the 15th Teerthankar. 

Teen Darwaja

A triple-arched gateway originally meant to serve as the royal entrance to the Maidan Shahi or Royal Square

Jama masjid

The Cathedral of Friday Mosque Jama Masjid was built in 1424 by Sultan Ahmed Shah . The mosque has 256 pillars, which support fifteen domes (cupolas)  has a large marble courtyard with a small, reflecting pool in the center, is one of the finest and biggest mosques of India .There are intricate Hindu carvings on the pillars.

Sidi saiyadís mosque

This mosque  Situated in Lal Darwaja, A fine example of Indo-Islamic architecture,has elaborately carved domes and ceilings. The lattice work on the screens and windows are very skillfully done. it was built by Sidi Saiyed, a slave of Ahmad Shah in 1572.

Ahmed shahís mosque

This is one of the oldest mosques in the city, built in 1414. It has been built and embellished with stones, pillars .

Rani sipriís mosque

Situated on Sardar Patel Road , Built one of the Rani of Mahmud Bagharra in 1514 ,  this mosque is also known as Masjid-e-Nagira (Jewel of a Mosque). It has ornamented minarets an example of super workmanships and design.and a tomb of Rani Sipri, 

Babiís mosque

This Mosque, southeast of the railway station, is famous for its 25 m shaking minaret.

Swami narayana temple

Built in 1950, this temple, located in the northern part of the city, is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.


If you would like to capture the real ambience of rural life, than a trip to  Vishall is must , where visitors can savour authentic Gujarati village cuisine, before wandering through the grounds to see a museum devoted to Indian utensils.Utensils have been placed in a simple structure set around an open courtyard. Collected from all over India , the endeavour is to demonstrate the purity of form and shape in these objects of utility. The pot to store water in, utensils to cook and serve in, spoons, rolling pins, a huge vessel in which buttermilk was churned, each object is beautifully conceived and created to prove that beauty lies in the simple objects of everyday use. The museum celebrates the simple but perfectly designed objects of everyday use.it is located just 4 Km from Ahmedabad, in Vasana.You can see potters and weavers at work in their mud and thatch huts.

Step wells (vavs or baolis)

Your trip to Ahmedabad will be incomplete without a visit to The Dada Hari Vav. It is a `step well'  with a difference. It has intricately carved walls, pillars and the steps lead down to different levels and ends in a small well. It is a five storey structure meant for providing cool and secluded chambers durings hot summer months.

Sabarmathi ashram

A place from where , Mahatma Gandhi "The Father of Nation "began his Dandi March , a Protest against the British Government ,against the bill passed by the Government  It is a very peaceful place with simple rooms exhibiting the great manís biography, photographs, quotes and paintings.

Other Places of Interest 


Situated 80 km from Ahmedabad , a site of ancient Harappan Civilization dating back to 22nd millennium B.C , can be reached by train also , alight at Burkhi is the nearest railhead on the Ahmedabad Bhavnagar railway line.

Sun Temples

North west of Ahmedabad, are the exquisitely carved sun temples (dedicated to Surya - the Sun God at Modhera 97 kms from Ahmedabad, The Modhera Temple,  is one of  most magnificent monuments , built in 1025 AD by the Solanki kings.

The best time to visit :-  The best time to visit is between October to March

How To Get There Ahmedbad is located in Gujarat
By Air  
Ahmedabad is well connected by air
By Train 
Ahmedabad is well connected by , rail to most parts of the country
By Road 
Well connected by road to most parts of the country

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