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Paeans in stone continue to enchant at Khajuraho in northern Madhya Pradesh. A rich portrayal of life is depicted exquisitely in these 11th century temples, which provide the backdrop for a week long festival of Indian classical dances.  

There is much more to see beside the erotic sculpture. Khajuraho is a must see for a student of Art, or who is to learn the art of love making .

Gwalior to the north has an impressive fort which houses some magnificent temples and palaces. Gwalior also is a ‘gharana’ (centre) of the Hindustani stream of Indian classical music. Miyan Tansen, the great singer and one among the ‘Nine Jewels’ of Akbar’s court, lies buried here. A commemorative music festival is held here every November.

Further south, near Bhopal , the Great Stupa, a done shapped edifice believed to be the oldest stone structure in India , houses Buddhist relics, at Sanchi- the ancient city of Buddhist culture and learning.

The Hindola Mahal and the Jahaz Mahal are among the splendid monuments at Mandu in western Madhya Pradesh, a city of legend and love, said to be the largest deserted fortified city in the world.

Verdant Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh, is ‘the destination’ for rock climbers and trekkers. Walk along sylvan trails or climb sheer rock faces, thrills abound here for the daring.

In the forest ranges in south east Madhya Pradesh lies the Kanha National Park , home to the tiger, the Gaur (Indian bison), leopard and bear.  

The Chitrakote Falls in Bastar are India ’s biggest waterfalls.It is half hour drive from Jagdapur . The Bastar Hill Mynah can imitate the human voices better than any other birds. Bastar is definitely a perfect place for camping trips, painting, holidays, tribal tours, adventure escapes motoring tours.

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