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Arion Club is promoted by Arion Hotel & Holidays - One of the fastest growing travel consortium of it's kind .
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Yes, the richest legacy is yours. The Oldest Civilization belongs to you, to seek and find the myriad manifestations of its ageless majesty. India is a vast country, the size leading to an astounding variety in scenes and sounds. 

The lullabies that have rocked you to sleep as a child had their roots in the music systems of India The Carnatic and the Hindustani streams. Charming combinations of Swara (note), Tala (rhythm), and Nada (tone).

The bedtime stories you have heard, of Lord Rama and ten-headed Ravana, Arjuna the archer and Krishna the cowherd..., all from our great myths and epics. They also form the essence of our dances, song and theatrical tradition.

You might have heard of ancestral homes with their wide portals, huge courtyards and timber structures built in accordance with the tenets of the 'Shilpashastra'; alike the many monuments and temples that bear testimony to our unmatched aesthetic traditions in art and architecture.

The artisan tradition has given us the fine gifts of jewellery, the ornate five and a half metre saree woven in many a colour and design , and the many domestic articles, furniture and vessels. Art lending beauty to function..

Take a deep breath of air. It brings a whiff of spices & memories. Of the frothy lassi, the sweet laddu and the spicy curry, Nuances of a great culinary culture as varied as the geography of India.

Look around, and you see an excitingly varied terrain, from the towering abode of the gods the Himalayas, to the sin-cleansing Holy Ganges and the water lapped, sunny Kovalam.
Explore the splendour of multifaceted India with Arion Club. 

We provide online car rental & other travel related Services.We started with a group of few people and today we have grown to a significant number through our direct and partner team jointly known as Arion Club.Explore & discover India, we know India like no other.

You can have gripping adventure, a profound spiritual experience or just lie back and enjoy the mystical charm of a scenic environ.

We are also promoting adventure holidays in India & thus developing the spirit of endurance, learn to react in the challenging situations, & building teamwork. 

Our programmes are custom designed, using a combination of outdoor and adventure activities, to meet the needs of various age groups and profiles. We believe that learning in out bound programmes is an extremely effective method of grooming individuals into an effective and well-knit team. 

Explore & Discover India

Explore the Splendour of multifaceted India 

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East India
Central India
South India
West India

North India

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Explore & Discover India


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