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Kaziranga National Park  - The Land of the Rhino  


A few centuries ago, the Indian one horned rhinoceros ranged across the northern Indian plains, in the wetlands of the rivers Indus, Ganga and the Brahmaputra . Today, this survivor from prehistoric times is found only in pockets in the north-eastern state of Assam and in Nepal . In Assam , their habitat is limited to the two National Parks – Kaziranga and Manas

While Kaziranga National Park , along the main highway between Jorhat and Guwahati, is easily visited, the Manas Reserve in the foothills of the Himalayas is more remote.

Kaziranga National Park

Lying along the mighty Brahmaputra River , the Kaziranga National Park covers an area of about 430 sq. km. Its  swamps and grasslands with tall thickets of elephant grass and patches of evergreen forest, support the largest number of rhino in the subcontinent. It

Was an alarming depletion in their numbers, due to hunting and poaching that led to the conservation of this area in 1926. In 1940, Kaziranga was declared a sanctuary. Though poaching still constitutes a major threat to the rhino population, the numbers of this species are fairly healthy.

At Kaziranga, the open country makes wildlife viewing fairly easy. A day’s outing is often sufficient for visitors to see most of the major species here. Elephants take them into the Park at dawn. As the mist lifts and the rising sun touches the hills in the distance, herds of barasingha and wild buffalo are to be seen in the marshes. The most ferocious bovine in the world, the massive wild buffalo is impressive and can weigh up to 915 kg. 

Rhinos browse unconcernedly as the visitors pass by and an occasional herd of elephants or wild boar is also sighted. The grasslands are raptor country and the crested serpent eagle, the Pallas fishing eagle and grey headed fishing eagle can be seen circling over the marshes. 

The water-bird variety includes swamp partridge, bar-headed goose, whistling teal, the Bengal florican, storks, herons and even pelicans.  

Kaziranga National Park

Located along the main highway, Kaziranga is easily accessible and the chance to see animals in the wild at such close quarters, makes a visit to the Park a very rewarding experience.  

Best time to visit November-April
Accommodation Forest Rest Houses and Tourist Lodge ( ITDC)
Nearest town Bokakhat (23 km)
Species found  Great Indian one-homed rhino, wild buffalo, elephant, gaur, leopard cat, wild boar, civet, otter, swamp deer, sambar, tiger, python, pelicanpartridge, florican.

How To Get There

There are several ways of getting to Kaziranga: you can either fly to Jorhat and then drive to Kaziranga or rent a car or take a bus from Guwahati. The route to this national park, which is full of wetlands and some forests apart from the tall elephant grass, is scenic: one will find men and women fishing in the beels or ponds, children diving into the inviting water on a warm day, coconut sellers hawking their wares by the roadside and boys on buffalo blue hills of Arunachal Pradesh beckon.

You will pass the town of Jagiroad , where the Assam Silk Mill has an outlet, and the town of Nogaon . 14 km. From Nagaon is Bordoa, the birth place of the Assamese saint and reformer, Sankardeva, who led a 16th century revival movement of Vaishnavism.

How To Get There
By Air  
Air-Jorhat (84 km),
By Train 

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