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Bodhgaya, in the state of Bihar , reckoned as the most important Buddhist pilgrimage centre, is the place where Lord Sakyamuni (Gautam Buddha) entered into meditation after being moved by the sufferings of mankind. 

The giant Bodhi Tree (Peepal) that we see today is believed to have grown from the original Bodhi Tree under which, sitting on the raised platform, Prince Siddharth meditated and finally attained Nirvana. Then there is Chaukramana, the Jewel Walk, where it is believed that the Buddha strolled while in deep thought.


The Mahabodhi temple in Bodhgaya, Buddhists' most sacred place, Bihar, & is included in the World Heritage.

The magnificent Maha Bodhi temple in Bodhgaya is an architectural amalgamation of many cultures.

The temple bears the stamp of the architecture of the Gupta Dynasty and subsequent ages.

On the walls of the temple, one sees Buddha carved in different aspects, and in the sanctum sanctorum, a colossal Buddha, is seen touching the ground, which has mythological significance in the Buddhist lores. The Mahabodhi temple is included in the World Heritage site.

The temple carries inscriptions recording the visits of pilgrims from Sri Lanka , China and Mayanmar in the 7th and 10th Centuries A.D. Hieun Tsang, the Chinese traveler, also visited the temple in the 7th Century.

Other Places of Interest

Adjacent to the Mahabodhi temple is the Shaivite Monastery that has a cluster of four temples. Surrounded by enchanting greenery and marked by architectural marvels, these temples have several samadhis (commemorative stones) in their vicinity. Just across are a number of cells, meant for residential purposes of monks.

Not far from the Shaivite Monastery is the Jagannath Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has the statue of the deity, carved in glistening black stone.

Finally, a visit to the Bodhgaya Archaeological Museum is a must for a religious art lover as it initiates one into the age of Buddha’s centred art forms. The Buddhist sculpture collection from 1st Century B.C. to 11th Century A.D. Reflected through several art forms, it is more like a treasure house of artistic expression. 

The best time to visit :-  The best time to visit bodhgaya is between October to March

How To Get There Bodhyagaya is located in Bihar
By Air  
The nearest airport is at Gaya 7 Kms and Patna 135 kms
By Train 
The nearest railway station is Gaya (17km).
By Road 
It is 135 kms from Patna ( 178 kms)  via Rajgir and Nalanda.

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