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Gujarata kaleidoscope of colours

Occupying the northern extremity of the western seaboard of India , Gujarat is rightly called ‘Jewel in the West’. Ahemedabad often described as  Manchester of the East has  a major textile and commercial centre has a fine architectural hertiage , offering everything for a tourist with wanderlust.

The shaking minarets of Rajpur Bibi and Sidi Bashir mosques and the finely carved screens of the Sidi Sayyid mosque, are the most remarkable amongst them. The three unique museums – the Calico Museum of Textiles, the Utensils Museum and the Kite Museum, present age-old traditions in Craft and leisure. Across the Sabarmati river stands the ashram of the father of the  nation-Mahatma Gandhi.  

North west of Ahmedabad, are the exquisitely carved sun temples at Modhera. 80 kms to the south lie the ruins of a great civilization dating back to 3000 B.C. – 

Lothal, once a well laid out port as is evident from the dockyards, streets, houses, and an underground drainage system as well.    

Dwarka is one of the ‘Char Dhams’ of Hindu pilgrimage, situated on the on on the edge of the Saurashtra peninsula Dwarikadheesh Temple also known as Jagat Mandir believed to be more than 2500 years old.

Palitana, with its 863 temples dating back to the 10th, 11th and 12th centuries; and Girnar, are both premier Jain pilgrimages in Gujarat .  

View the city known for its textiles and diamonds. from the bastions of the Castle – Surat ’s most important historical monument Marvel at the rich collection at the Sardar Patel Museum  

The Somnath temple- a premier Jyotirlinga (deity or luster), which is counted among the twelve holiest shrines of Shiva in India .  

The former capital of the Gaekwad rajas, Vadodara or Baroda is a beautiful city with its spacious parks, palaces, museums, art galleries, temple, and abroad avenues.Junagadh occupy a  special place in the history of Gujarat

Visit the Grishmabhuvan, at Sartanji Choro, one of Porbandar’s oldest monuments. at Porbandar   the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi.or Check out the seashore palaces the Daria Rajmahal and the Huzoor Palace .

Let the waves tickle your toes! The Chowpatty Beach or enjoying ,water-ski, para sail, ride on speed boats and water scooters.one of the finest beaches Ahmedpur Mandvi.

Gir the sole habitat of the majestic Asian lion, The Rann of Kutch , , is primarily known as the Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary. The sanctuary is the last natural habitat of the Indian Wild Ass, one of the three surviving species of the Wild Ass in the world.

One can also get a rare insight into the lifestyles of the numerous ethnic groups and local tribes, wearing unwritten dress code that reflect the status of the person,  there vibrant costumes,  with embroidery, ornate jewellery ,charming demeanor & simple living characteris is worth seeing in and around the Rann.

There are historic sites, hill stations, pilgrim centres, wildlife sanctuaries and of course, miles and miles of beaches. This multi-faceted state has something exciting to offer every kind of tourist, come explore the splendour of multi-faced state with Arion .  

 "Bhale Padharya.


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