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Kushinagar, (Kushinara of Yore), is a revered place for Buddhist pilgrims, 55 kms away from Gorakhpur . It was here that the Tathagata, the reciter of truth, breathed his last with the last words, “Behold now, brethren, I exhort you, saying, decay is inherent in all component thing ! Work out your salvation with diligence !” 

A temple dedicated to the event – the Mahaparinirvana temple today stands amidst a serene ‘sal’ grove …… as if still reminiscing the great demise.The huge statue of the Reclining Buddha, excavated in 1876 at the temple, is one of the most momentous of all sights for the devout. It was brought from Mathura by a devout monk, Haribala, during the reign of King Kumara Gupta in the 5th Century A.D.

The whole of Kushinagar, since the Mahaparinirvana of Gatuam Buddha, was turned into a memorial site with stupas including the relic stupa-Mukutbandhana and Gupta period Chaitayas and Viharas, built by the devout kings. 

The Chinese travelers Fa Hien, Hieun Tsang and T. Ising visited Kushinagar during different centuries and recorded a graphic account of the place which later fell to bad times, due to lack of patronage. Theses recordings provided the vital clues for excavations done centuries later by Sir Alexander Cunningham.

The visiting sites of Kushinagar fall in three categories : 

  • The Mahaparinirvana Temple, commemorating the place of the great decease with a reclining statue of Lord Buddha; 

  • Mata Kunwar Shrine contains a 10th Century blue schist image of Buddha and 

  • Rambhar Stupa, which is supposedly the spot where Lord Buddha was cremated and his relics divided into eight equal parts.

A part from this, a Chinese Temple , a Buddhist Temple , a Tibetan Temple and the Indo-Japan-Srilanka Buddhist Centre hold Significant religious value for pilgrims.

The best time to visit :-  The best time to visit is between October to March

How To Get There Kushinagar is located in Uttar Pradesh
By Air  
Nearest Airport is at Gorakhpur  
By Train 
Nearest Rail Head is at Gorakhpur  
By Road 
Kushinagar is 55 kms away from Gorakhpur  

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