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Patna , the capital of the State of Bihar  Known earlier as Pataliputra. The emperors Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka and Samudragupta ruled, unified and spread India 's message from here. Among the later rulers of Patna the name of the great Afghan administrator, Sher Shah Suri's.  

Besides being the capital of Bihar, Patna is also its cultural metropolis and a great tourist attraction. Some of its imposing building show how the aesthetic features of old architecture can be gracefully preserved even in a modern edifice.

Places of Tourist Interest 


This domed structure was meant by the British to be Patna 's granary. Commissioned by Warren Hastings in 1876, and built by Captain John Garstin, it could store 137,000 tonnes of grain.Golghar is 1 km away from Patna city


This shrine consecrates the birthplace of the tenth religious preceptor (Guru) of the Sikh faith, Guru Govind Singh. Commissioned by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, this gurudwara built of white marble stands in the older part of the city. With special permission, you can get to see the personal belongings of the guru as well as ancient Sikh scriptures.  


Kumhrar, site of the ancient city of Patliputra , lies 5 kms from Patna railway station.Excavations have revealed wooden ramparts and parts of the palace belonging to the Mauryas..One can see the remains of the 80-pillared hall that so impressed Greek traveller Megasthenese. The pillars still retain the famous Mauryan polish, the secret of which masons and architects are yet to fathom.

Modern Planetarium

Indira Gandhi Science Complex, is one of the must visiting places in Patna. This is among few Planetarium's (Taramandal) in India.

Patna Museum  

There are some fine displays of metal and stone sculptures from the Maurya and Gupta reigns; terracotta idols and other artifacts from the site of Nalanda University ; and breathtakingly beautiful thangkas (Buddhist scroll paintings). 

Pathar ki Masjid  

It is also known as Saif Khan's mosque, Chimmi Ghat mosque and Sangi Masjid.Parwez Shah, the Mughal Emperor Jehangir's son, constructed this beautiful mosque in 1621 near the Harmandirji. 

Sadaquat Ashram  

Headquarters of the Bihar Vidyapeeth, a National University , established in 1921, this was the place from where the struggle for India 's independence was launched in the State. Today, Sadaquat Ashram is a memorial dedicated President, Dr. Rajendra Prasad.His personal belonging are on display here.

Quila House  

Popularly known as Jalan Museum , it was raised on the foundations of Sher Shah's fort. As the museum is privately owned, you need prior permission to visit. 

Padri ki Haveli  

Padri ki Haveli is the oldest Christian shrine in Bihar and among the only ones with such intricate work. It was constructed in 1772, this Church of Virgin Mary has been a victim of history. It is a place where Mother Teresa got her training.

Khuda Baksh Library 

It is one of the national libraries in India.  The Khuda Baksh Library has an envious collection of Arabic and Persian manuscripts including a teeny 25mm wide Quran, rare books and Rajput miniature paintings. 

The best time to visit :-  The best time to visit is between October to March

How To Get There Patna is located in Bihar
By Air  
The nearest Airport is at Patna
By Train 
Patna is connected Delhi , Mumbai Kolkata , & other major cities. 
By Road 
Well Connected with road, 

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