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Sibsagar was once the capital of the Ahom rulers who dominated Assam for more than 600 years. They ruled Assam virtually uninterrupted for 6 centuries until their kingdom fell to the British, in the 1826. This city’s main feature is the water body from which it gets its name: a 257 acre tank, that is at a higher elevation than the rest of the town, with three temples on its banks. Of these temples, the most prominent is the Shivdol, which draws large crowds at Shiv Ratri . The other temples are the Vishnudol and the Devidol.

Other attractions include Rang Ghar, the double-storied, oval shaped amphitheatre; the seven- storied Talatol Ghar, with three underground floors, is a palace with a difference-there are two secret tunnels here. Joysagar, said to be the biggest man-made lake in the country, is spread over 318 acres of water on the edge of the town. 

A new addition is the Ahom Museum on the bank of the Sibsagar. It stores artifacts of the rulers, including swords and clothes, manuscripts, goblets and platters. The ancient capital of the Ahoms is Gargaon, about 13 kms. east from Sibsagar, where the major draw is the Kareng Ghar, a seven-storied palace built by 18th century architects. Charideo, situated nearby, is another old capital which was built by the founder of the Ahom dynasty, Sukapha. 

There are numerous maidans or vaults for the kings and members of royal families here. Travellers cross the Namdang stone bridge, carved out of a single boulder hundreds of years ago, over which a busy highway still runs today.

Take a day trip from Sibsagar to  Dibrugarh, one of the major tea producing centres of the subcontinent. Near Dibrugarh are major oil and gas installations. The road to the city is flanked by tea gardens on either side, a carpet of green bushes; women and men stand in the shade and sun, plucking the leaves at a surprising pace and tossing them into the conical cane baskets they carry on their backs. And in Dibrugarh, there are tea plantations even within the city limits. Assam produces most of India ’s tea and a visit to a tea factory should be included in an itinerary.

Jorhat, another major tea producing area, located on the edge of the Brahmaputra , south-west of Sibsagar, is a major cultural centre.

Majuli, the world’s largest inhabited riverine island, which is revered for its satras or Vaishnavite monasteries, is near Jorhat. It can be reached by ferry. The satras here are significant for Assam because they were set up by Sankardeva, the leader of Vaishnavite revivalism, in the 16th century. Majuli is dominated by the Mishing tribe, which came down from the hills of Arunachal Pradesh many years ago and is among the only tribal riverine community in the Assam Valley . Their handlooms are exquisite, particularly the colourful Mirizen shawls & blankets which can be used as wall hangings or even as bedcovers.

The best time to visit :-  The best time to visit is between October to March

How To Get There Sibasagar is located in Assam
By Air  
The nearest Airport is Tejpur 
By Train 
The nearest rail head is Guwahati , 156 Km 
By Road 
Well connect to Road .

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