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Shopping in India

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Magnetic India- the country that pulled Alexander the Great into its lap. A shimmering jewel in the crown, and a unique blend of civilizations too. 

The cultural exuberance and composite tradition that marks his blend has found full expression in heart-warming creations of master craftspersons. These creators extraordinaire, have inherited and honed ancestral skills to perfection.


India is also a country where time honoured tradition co-exists in perfect harmony with the best of modernity. The five star hotels, shopping plazas and emporia somewhat akin to the world, demonstrate all this very well. The vast inter-country link of airline services and rail network provides easy access for shopping across the length and breadth of India .  

Whatever your taste - restrained or exuberant, antique or modern, plain or patterned - India 's bazaars, shops, stalls, markets and emporia will tempt as you have never been tempted before.  

Faced with yard upon yard of richly colored silks and brocades, broad acres of gorgeous carpets and rugs, an abundance of delicately painted 'Moghul' miniatures, a wealth of intricately designed wooden and hand-painted papier-mâché boxes, to say nothing of treasure chests of precious and semi-precious stones, marble inlay work, brass statues, antiqe silver jewelry, delicate carvings in wood, stone, and ivory, how do you come to an informed and rational choice !

Shopping is a pleasure especially for those who have the knack for bargaining. But then, bargaining is only done in open markets or markets places. Shopping Arcades , Govt. Showrooms or branded showrooms of reputed products have fixed prices and the genuineness of products is guaranteed. During the Indian festive season (September to December), avail discount from 5%  to a hefty 50%.  

So go ahead, shop to your heart’s delight and take home an exquisite, piece made in India , just for you.

  • Metal Craft 
  • Pottery & Stone Craft
  • Wood Craft 
  • Precious & Semi-Precious Stone
  • Painting 
  • Painting 
  • Textile
  • Furniture 
  • Floor Covering
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