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Arion Club is promoted by Arion Hotel & Holidays - One of the fastest growing travel consortium of it's kind .
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Frequently Asked Questions

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   General Terms   

How to book the hotel through Arion Club?

Please complete the booking form, as soon you complete it you will receive an auto generated email that include the detail of your requirement .

This Email is also having the Enquiry ID ( A unique Registration number )  indicates that our system has accepted your reservation request. Using this number you may track the status of your reservation request .  

We process your booking request, immediately after you submit the booking request. An intimation letter regarding the availability of the requested room will reach to you within 24 -48 hrs. Please check your & mail box regarding the intimation for the amount that you need to pre pay to secure your reservation.

In general, we ask you to pre pay 10-15% of  the room rent as a security ( Earnest money ) . This amount shall be adjusted in your final bill. Pay only after the confirmation of the availability of the room requested .

This room tariff is without any local tax, transaction fee/ payment gateway charges, service tax; vat etc . Any difference in tariff shall be adjusted while you pay for meals, phone calls, resort fees if any, or other incidentals you have incurred upon during your stay.  

We have not received an auto generated email & thus the registration of Number. what should I do?

The reason being simple the Email that you have submitted while submitting is misspelled /wrong. You need to submit your booking request once again.  

We have been suggested with an alternative Hotel to stay in what should I do?

This can be due to the reason; the hotel that you have selected has not revised the room tariff, or is full on the day & date on which you are looking for the accommodation it is for you to accept it or go for other alternative. 

For a more extensive list of hotels, you can search by a specific City and utilize the Search by Pin/Code if you are looking Hotel/in particular locality.  

Does Arion Club charge fees to make a hotel reservation?

No we donít charge even a single penny to "process" your reservation from you. 

Is there any difference in Tariff if I/we book through Arion club or directly with the hotel?

There is no difference in Tariff you may verify the same. In addition to this we can guarantee. If, you find you have been charged more at the same hotel in the same room type on the same dates, we'll refund this amount. 

For refund Visit our contact us page and provide us the detail, our area representative will verify your claim & shall settle your claim there & than. We are sure in some of the hotel you sell find our rate are even much lower, this is because you have been charged with the negotiated Tariff that are applicable to the Members of Arion Club.  

How can I get more information about the hotel that I/we are considering

Click on any hotel name on our website and you will see our exclusive Hotel Profile. It includes Hotel Rating under the internationally accepted star system, ranging from 5 to 4-star hotels which are fully air-conditioned with all luxury features, 3-star hotels which are functional and have air-conditioned rooms, and 2 to 1-star hotels which offer basic amenities.   

This profile also include the detail of ammonites  provided by the hotelier though we canít undertake any guarantee regarding itís correctness but we do have the sufficient reason to believe this to be true , as we never received any complaint from the guest.  

When I book a room outside the India in which currency I will be charged

You shall be charged in U.S. dollars.  

What kind of confirmation will I/we receive after making payment?

You are almost confirmed when you are asked to pre pay to secure your reservation. The room you have requested is kept block for a period of 72 hours ( Three days ) to make payment in order to secure the room you have requested .

How should I pay?

We use Paypal to process all our online payment .Make use of any Master / Visa/ Discover/ American Express credit card for the transaction. Paypal offers a completely safe, secured and fast online transaction service.  

As you know Paypal is a Verisign Certified Site, uses the latest encryption technology and other sophisticated methods to protect your credit card information. Thus all your transaction with credit card is safe & secure.    

I Have not received, the confirmation Email

We send confirmations within 24 hours of your Purchase. If you have not received a confirmation of your purchase via e-mail, first look into your "spam" or "junk" folder to verify that it has not been misdirected, and if still not found.

In addition to this you do can easily track trace the status of you booking. It is updated on regular basis .Still you do have the problem please contact our customer service department. The Contact Information is provided on the profile of each hotel.

Should I/ We have to pay if we would like to change our plan before check in?

You have the flexibility to change your plans without paying any penalty fees or charges before check in. But you need to apply in writing at least one week in writing before the date of your check in.

After that you need to pay a small amount equal to 08 U.S. dollars, as a processing fee, if the request is made from out side India & INR 250 if request of reservation is made within India  

Please not that all such request should be in writing & are accepted subject to the availably of accommodation.  

I/We need to shorten my stay at the last-minute before check-in.

Normally such request are considered before you submit your request in writing before 48 hr of you date of checking in .You may be subject to an early departure fee as per the Norm & booking & cancellation policy of the hotel. Please call the hotel directly.  

Who should I contact if Iím not satisfied with the hotel or my room?

You should contact the hotel directly to voice your concern(s) as the hotel will determine how to resolve your issue. If you are unsatisfied with the action(s) taken by the hotel and decide to leave the hotel to seek alternate accommodations, please call us  to see if we can rectify the problem before you move.  

If you decide to change hotels anyway, we will do our best to help you find alternate accommodations. Please note, it will be up to the hotel to decide what, if any, refund you will receive. We strongly advise you to not leave the hotel until you know what charges you will incur.  

I am staying at the Hotel but I need to check our early?

Once when you have checked in all such requests are directly entertained by the hotel we donít have any control.  

How can I/We cancel the reservation that we have made through Arion Club ?

If you would like to Cancel the reservation made through Arion Club , you should notify at least 48 hrs ( 2Days ) before the Check-in date. The Cancellation Charges are $ 50 (USD ) / 250 INR .

In addition to this you need to the transaction fee if any paid by the Arion Club /Arion Tour & Travels Pvt Limited .

If you fail to notify within this time limit, the entire amount that you have paid to secure your booking shall be forfeited.  

What are the document I/We need carry before check in the hotel?

Normally you need to proof your identity, before you check in to the hotel & you should have the valid travel document if you are overseas visitors such as Passport, Visas, Advance parole and other applicable Entry Permits.  

Please note that you are solely responsible for checking and fulfilling Visa requirements for the countries you are visiting or transiting and make sure that they are valid for the duration of your entire trip. Arion does not take any responsibility & unable to help you in this case as these are mandatory.  You must check with the Embassy, or concerned immigration department regarding visa requirement for your destination.  

What is the jurisdictions

Any claim or legal action arising from this service will be brought in the courts of competent jurisdiction; India and the user hereby consent to the non-exclusive jurisdiction and venue of Court in Delhi     

What are the Liability of Arion Club ?

Since Arion Club acts only as a booking agent, it accepts no liability whatsoever for any part of the arrangements between the hotelier(s) and the customer with regard to the standard of service. In no circumstances shall Arion Club Shall be liable for the services provided by the hotelier(s) /third party. Arion Club at the most can refund the pre paid amount that you have submitted in order to secure your reservation after deduction the transition fee etc paid

These above points discussed in a simple manner constitute the terms & conditions when you book your hotel with Arion Club..

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