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Shopping in India

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Precious & Semi-Precious Stone 

India ’s fame is precious semi-precious stones was well established before the arrival of the British. The land that spells royalty is the home of nameless precious and semi-precious stones like mother of pearl, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, lapis  lazuli, aquamarines, amethysts and others. The process of transforming a rough stone into a shapely object of beauty and luster calls for a great degree of skill in which Indian craftsmen are adept to the core.


Kashmir , Rajasthan, Mumbai.  


For the hi-fashion woman of today there’s nothings quite like the offbeat style of self adornment… pick the style that suits you most! For, with the passing of centuries, the old appears offbeat today, having and irresistible lure for women the world over.

India is one of the most important countries for the manufacture and export of costume jewellery. 

It has the largest production base for glass beads. Varanasi is famous for its glass beads made from fused glass rods, while Purdilpur is famous for black glass beads.

Mathura is noted for lovely glass beads, stringing glass and wooden beads in necklaces together with rudraksha (sacred seeds associated to Lord Shiva) and tulsi (basil) in a variety of interesting combinations. 

Ferozabad has a rich selection of fragile and delicate lightweight beads. ‘German silver’ jewellery crated to modern tastes ins made in Agra , while Meerut produces exquisite metal jewellery.

Silver ornaments are especially popular in Rajasthan, while Karnal in Haryana produces hollow silver beads. Rohtak has well made peasant jewellety and graceful head ornaments are made in Maharshtra.


India has a large tribal population. Their jewellery is a major attraction within the country as well as abroad. The adornment fashioned from flowers, leaves, stones of creepers and fruits are unbelievably charming, shells, seeds and berries-rudraksha being, the most celebrated. Shell bracelets of W. Bengal , specially filigreed gold bracelets will, for certain, capture your heart.


Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra  Kerala ,  Assam , Madhya Pradesh, and  West Bengal  

So go ahead, shop to your heart’s delight and take home an exquisite, piece made in India , just for you.

It is totally free.

Shopping in India

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